● Paco de Lucía Paco De Lucia honored by his musicians and friends in Cancun : Oasis Jazz U Festival
● Carles Benavent, Oscar D' Leon and Jorge Pardo on the poster

On May 23rd and 24th Oasis Hotels & Resorts will present the Oasis Jazz U Festival, whose third edition will be a homage to Paco De Lucia. The programme mostly consists of the musicians who worked with the revolutionary guitarist and knew him very closely. The Festival will take place at Hotel Grand Oasis Cancun and will be curated by Juan D’Anyélica, also a guitarist, musical accomplice and friend of Paco De Lucia.

Seven internationally recognized artists with their respective lineups compose the list of artists of the festival U OASIS JAZZ - LATIN FUSION 2014 - Homage to Paco de Lucía.


General $ 250 pesos
VIP $ 500

Buy your tickets from May 15th at the hotels Oasis Smart, Oh! By Oasis, Oasis Palm, Oasis Viva, Oasis Cancún, Oasis Sens, Oasis Tulum and the corporate offices of Oasis.

* All proceeds from the tickets to Oasis Jazz U 2014 will be donated to the Oasis Foundation